There has been a general spreading-out of the people I know in recent years. Some are gone months, others years. Some I am related to, others are friends, close and acquainted. Some are working, some are just travelling, some both. Others are working and living on just the other side of town, and yet career and personal goals have placed obstacles to keeping close relations.

 This was to be expected, but has made it difficult to keep up with people, and for people to keep up with me. Several have already installed their own digital personas on the web for this purpose. So I have decided to begin my own. Plus I have a great deal of experience at being wordy, so it’s a natural progression.

It is my fervent hope that I do not become so self involved that this blog becomes a sort of geyser of angst or something. If this happens, please feel free to flame me.

Rather, I hope that this space becomes a kind of melting pot of the various aspects of my life, plus a few opinions and well chosen observations. I have been told that I have a fairly ‘interesting’ view of the world, and so hopefully this will come through for the amusment of others.

In all likelyhood, no-one will read it anyway.


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