Here Comes the TNT

We’re now just under a week out from Guy Fawkes Night.

Guy Fawkes seems a little like a non-event to me these days. And I’m tremendously fond of lighting things on fire in the name of fun, particularly if they will explode with a satisfying bang. I recall the excitment and anticipation that lead up to the occasion when I was young with great affection.

I find it interesting that we continue to celebrate the foiling of the Gun Powder Plot so many centuries on. It’s fairly meaningless afterall. Even our colonial brother Australia does not mark it. I’m not even sure if the UK observes it. But it’s a good excuse to set off a bunch of fireworks. Thing is – it’s not exactly the best time of year for New Zealanders to be letting off fireworks. Winter is fairly well past by early November. The ground and plantlife are all fairly dry and it isn’t dark until late. These conditions are even more pronounced in Australia at the moment, so just as well they don’t mark it. Actually, I think their fireworks day is Australia Daay, which is January, and much much drier.

Funny to note: you are allowed to let off fireworks at any time day or night in NZ, provided there are no firebans in place in your local area – rare things most places – but you can only legally buy or sell fireworks in the week leading up to Guy Fawkes. People do stock up on them, as you see them at New Years and a few other times. This year is particularly chronic. Parliament is saying that this is our last chance to use them responsibly, or next year they’ll ban them completely. In all likelihood, this time next year private citizens will not be able to get fire works. We’ll all be down at the public displays. End of an era.

 Will I miss it? Almost certainly.  Though since they banned skyrockets I’ve not been that interested in my own private displays anyway. Plus there will be slightly more intact letterboxes and fewer missing pets come the next morning.  Thank god for that. I hate my letterbox, the little punks can have it. Maybe I should blow it up myself for the fun of it.

Sadly, we really have shown that we can’t use fireworks responsibly here.

Here’s to an orgy of burning.


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