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Raincoaster Challenge: Defeat admitted

Sad but true. Edit: No Longer True

Despite my best efforts, I have not managed to score a hit on raincoaster with even the most deranged searches. For this I blame the general web community for not running similarly deranged searches and then hitting raincoaster.

It’s weird, but I get hits here from fairly standard phrases. I try to figure out how on earth a blog with as little traffic as mine gets hit often enough to lift its search ranking high enough to even feature, but to no avail. I tried an experiment: type the search into google and page through until I find my site. I gave up after twenty pages of results. Someone must have literally gone through all those pages. Does anyone know anyone who pages through more than two results pages to get their info? Bizzare.

Unless it was a bot.


The Great Kiwi Bach Trip – take 1

bach (noun): (bat-ch) Short for Batchelor’s House. Coloquial New Zealand term for a holiday home, usually located near a beach, used mainly by north islanders.

A bach is generally fairly sparten – lots of raw unfinished wood, very sandy, rough grass lawns. Trips with family and friends to these places during summer are part of kiwi tradition. There’s something very special about them.

I just got back from the first trip of the season. It was awesome. My good friend Mike of From The Horizon fame invited me out to the inaugral use of his family’s new place out at Anawhata ( a bit north of Piha, for any Kiwi hitting this site). Stunning, stunning spot. I’m going to see if I can get some photos out of him to reinforce my point. First ocean swim of the season – a little cold and a bit rough – but was good to get amongst it.

Main highlight of the weekend: good solid catch up with Mike. Don’t see him much these days since he’s off saving the world so much of the time, and we don’t get a chance to have our little talks like we once did. He’s around for about another 4-5 weeks before he’s off to Jakarta, but I’ll see plenty of him in the meantime.

On that note – I’m off to nurse my sunburn.

The raincoaster challenge

Yesterday I made comment on how much I love raincoaster. I also had a random idea to see what the weirdest search term I could enter on google would be that would return raincoaster.

Before even getting a proper chance to follow through on this, there’s a comment on the post from the Queenpin herself. See post below. This has the makings of what could be a fun game, so here’s the idea:

  • Anyone can play. Everyone should play. Tell your friends.
  • Raincoaster should be in the first 10 results, partial credit for first 20.
  • Successful searches should be posted in the comments.
  • Use of the term ‘raincoaster’ in the entry kind of defeats the point, in case you hadn’t guessed.
  • Funniest/weirdest term wins bragging rights.
  • Visitors to the site should hit google with the search terms in the comments. If we get over twenty or so in a day it turns up in her blog stats.

I’m sure she won’t mind – after all it will boost her hits. Not many people actually read this blog though, so I’m really not too sure if this will work.

Worth having a crack at though.

Why I’ll Never Be A Blog Media Kingpin

I’m just far too lazy really.

There is a place in this world for those with a genuine talent for writing amusing things daily, nay multiple times daily. The global inter-tron community has sifted these to the fore with relative ease. Those that have sifted have proven to be adept at blog-pimpin, and that may have helped.

The motivation required to consistently apply all the possible tricks and techniques surely must be something.

Take one of my favourite blogs: Raincoaster

Recently the recipient of her very own .com domain from the good people at WordPress, Raincoaster seems to be a good example of a blog that takes information easily available from a range of other sources/blogs such as Fark, applies a personal take on it, and posts it. Simple formula, well applied. Also generates attention and possible counter-links by referencing the source material. The squid fetish is a little unique, but charming for some reason.

Raincoaster regularly posts the results of the weirdest search entries that result in a hit on her page. As an experiment, I think I’m going to try and hit her page with the weirdest search terms I can think of to see if I can get a mention. I can’t see this ending all that well, but hey – I’m bored at work today.