The Great Kiwi Bach Trip – take 1

bach (noun): (bat-ch) Short for Batchelor’s House. Coloquial New Zealand term for a holiday home, usually located near a beach, used mainly by north islanders.

A bach is generally fairly sparten – lots of raw unfinished wood, very sandy, rough grass lawns. Trips with family and friends to these places during summer are part of kiwi tradition. There’s something very special about them.

I just got back from the first trip of the season. It was awesome. My good friend Mike of From The Horizon fame invited me out to the inaugral use of his family’s new place out at Anawhata ( a bit north of Piha, for any Kiwi hitting this site). Stunning, stunning spot. I’m going to see if I can get some photos out of him to reinforce my point. First ocean swim of the season – a little cold and a bit rough – but was good to get amongst it.

Main highlight of the weekend: good solid catch up with Mike. Don’t see him much these days since he’s off saving the world so much of the time, and we don’t get a chance to have our little talks like we once did. He’s around for about another 4-5 weeks before he’s off to Jakarta, but I’ll see plenty of him in the meantime.

On that note – I’m off to nurse my sunburn.


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