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Tentacle Pornstar Name Challenge!

There have been some fairly heavy topics in recent weeks. Time for some utter ridiculousness!

tentacle.jpgBehold the Tentacle Pornstar Name Challenge!!

After a recent discussion with the delightful raincoaster, I’ve decided to throw down: If you were starring in a tentacle porn flick, what would your name be?

This is far too hilarious to not have a go at!

It has occurred to me that the possibility of crossing Lovecraft references with Porn with Japanese with The Internet might create some kind of geek singularity from which there is no escape, or create a black hole, or worse yet some kind of meme, but those are risks I’m willing to take.

Seriously – I need the entertainment that much this week. Don’t let me down people!

Responses to the comments! Winner gets pimped by an insignificant blog! How can you resist!?!

And in case you were wondering? My entry: Tentacool McJiggler!!

In the name of science, do chicks dig gills? I’ve got to mac me a shorty that digs that!


More Kiwi Ingenuity

kenjones.jpgProps to this guy who has built a UHF transmitting antenna to run a local TV station out of a $10 Wok.


MacGyver might have retired to Southland…

Cost of commercial system to do the same thing: $20,000.

Word has it that he’s documenting the whole thing so anyone can do it, though I can’t find it yet.

What a top gent!


seis.jpgWe just had two earthquakes!

That’s the first time I can say that I’ve ever actually felt one! 3.7 and 4.5 on the Richter Scale. I didn’t notice the first, but I definitely felt the second.

There’s a good talkingpoint for work tomorrow!

Three earthquakes – latest one was 3.8 apparently…

Sparing the rod

We here in New Zealand have such perfect children that there is absolutely no reason to place bounds or limits upon them. Certainly no reason to discipline them. Sadly though, most parents are apparently evil beings that beat the living bejesus out of their kids all the time. For this reason, it’s not safe to let parents decide what is appropriate for their children so the government has decided to step in and remove this worrisome burden from parents. We are on the verge of passing a law removing the right of a parent to use reasonable force to correct a child.

I find this law fairly laughable really – it’s impossible to police for a start. Unless the government is planning on installing surveillance in everyone’s house or paying people to spy on their neighbours.

But secondly – why should the government be pursuing this line of action? Reducing child abuse? Fine – I’m for that. Will people that abuse their children pay any attention to this law? No. Even hear about it? Unlikely. They will continue to beat their kids. The cases that come up in the media will be the same ones and will happen with or without this law. But you will have managed to crimialise thousands of parents who have done their children no harm. A poor trade in my book. Furthermore, you would be able to address the cases the goverment agencies find out about under the current laws.

The government has no business getting into telling people how to raise their children.

Sue Bradford is saying that there is no such thing as reasonable force. Any use of force is assault. Ok – lets disband the police, the defence forces, the corrections facility and outlaw all contact sporting codes. Good luck with that Sue.

I think there is a difference between reasonable force and violence. Sue Bradford does not see this distinction. I feel that most people have slightly different (in some cases very different) ideas about where one ends and the other begins. I think that’s the root of the problem.

When is the government going to realise that simply telling people not to do something they find undesirable is the easy part. Actually preventing it is the hard (and meaningful) part. This government has banned a lot of things and taken little to no action in real terms. If we want less child abuse there are some deep problems to address. I don’t have the answers, sadly.

If this law passes then I (and I presume many like me) will not be legally allowed to raise their children in the way they think is best for them. That’s a huge factor in any parents’ decision making set: Can I raise my kids well here?

Why does the government keep inventing more reasons for me to move to Australia?

Your car or your eyebrows?

Now every respectable car thief can smell like bacon!


I’m sure a simple disabler switch would be cheaper way of disabling your engine, but who can argue with this?

Stolen from fark – provider of much of my amusement.

Back on Deck

Having been away for a week, I’m now back.

That’s very fortunate for everyone concerned.

Isn’t it?

My birthday passed without event the other day. I’m now 25. Quarter ton is up! I don’t feel any different.

Seriously tired and lacking inspiration. More another time.

I need elasticated speed!

I totally need to try this: