The infrastructure bonds that aren’t…

cmj.jpgPicked up off Kiwiblog

It would seem that the Labour Government’s new infrastructure bonds are nothing of the sort.

I doubt I’m the only person offended by what appears to be a blatant lie, but it’s worse that people are effectively being tricked into lending their money to the government.

Equally, how is this different from taking the petrol tax and funneling it into the general expenditure pot?

I would consider lending the government money for the purpose of infrastructure investment. Although why it should be necessary to do that when we run a record surplus I don’t know. I would not consider lending the government money to, for example, underwrite student debt – the result of policies I strongly disagree with.

Yet another example of the government firmly believing that they know better than we do what should be done with our money.

I wonder if this is the Social Justice that they campaigned on.


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