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Today’s Uplifters

This week has been miserable, weather wise. It poured yesterday, with much of Northland now under water. They’re saying it’s a one-in-fifty-years storm.  Winter is clearly threatening.

There must be a fair few people out there in need of cheering up.  I present two gents who, via the miracle of youtube, have succeeded in brightening people’s lives. If you haven’t seen them already, take ten minutes out of your day for this. If you have seen them, watch them again anyway. You know why. Take two for depression (or being at work) and call me in the morning:

Oh, and if you like cats and/or icq, you need to see this. You can look at it for ages.


The Great Calamari Thaw

The NZ Herald reports that the Collosal Squid caught off Timaru has weighed in over 100lbs heavier than estimated at 1,089lbs.

That’s about half a tonne.

The next problem is how to defrost it. It’s presently frozen in a 1 cubic metre block of ice, and could take three days to fully thaw. In that time, however, the outer tissue would have already begun to decompose.

Front running solution appears to be to try and fit it into a microwave oven of some sort. Apparently there are some gigantic ones used in the treatment of timber that they might be able to fit it into.

What kind of sauce they will use is as yet undecided, though whatever it is will need to mask the taste of ammonia…

Avian Fun

For some reason (perhaps the mechanical engineer in me) I like jet engines. A lot.

Here are two reasons why I like them, and at least two other people out there don’t:

PS: I’ve not been Dead, just very busy with Grease. Thankyou for your concern.

Avenue Jew

Here’s some fanservice for people who like Broadway…

Presenting – Avenue Jew:

No, I’m not antisemetic. This is a performance by the original broadway casts of Avenue Q and Fiddler On The Roof performed in 2004 to raise money to fight AIDS.

Of course, no post that in any way might send someone unwittingly to something involving graphic puppet on puppet action would be complete without a Not Safe For Human Conciousness tag. But hey, it’s Art. Expand your mind.
This also begs for cross-links. For those who have never heard of this, spot the director (one of our favourite sons) and ask how he got to direct a certain large budget trilogy less than a decade later.

There you go – sophistication and class to the depths of humourous crassness in one post. Who says I don’t have depth?


Ok, I’m not sure if I was under a rock or what, but I just found out about this:

And I am so impressed that words cannot describe.

The Nerd Quiz

You Are 44% Nerdy

You may be a bit surprised with this score, but your more of a closet nerd than an actual nerd.
Stop denying your inner nerd! You’re truly dorkier than you think.

How Nerdy Are You?


In actual fact, I’m neither that female, nor that hawt.


Hat tips to both archie and raincoaster

PSA: Big Calamari – Destination Announced!

calamari.jpgThe big squid caught off Timaru is moving to Te Papa Museum in Wellington!

Seems it will probably be placed on display for a short time once there. I urge all you Wellingtonians to put aside the time to check it  out before they start dicing it up in the name of science. Sadly, I can’t spare the time to go all the way down there.

If someone does get along to it – please get some photos (I don’t care if they’re allowed or not) and I’ll post them here and/or link you or whatever.