Alas, it is true. We have had a new set of servers installed here at work last week. The new system comes complete with a new upgraded security suite.

All my favourite blogs are blocked! I know not why exactly. No more the simple joys of Raincoaster, Metro, Archie, YouTube and Fark! It is a dark day indeed, made even more cruel by the upgraded broadband we have had installed here. I could actually stream youtube for about a day before the new security went in! Oh cruel Irony, how you mock me.

Now that was suitably dramati.

By some weird twist, I can actually still access my own blog and, for some reason, Nursemyra. Both of us have surely done enough to warrant this system’s banning these pages. Surely more than Archie or Metro, though one can see why Raincoaster would fail the litmus test.

So that’s why I’ve not been blogging much lately.

Oh, and why the hell is my top search term right now ‘oops’ ?? Who the hell googles ‘oops’ ?!



  1. 1 raincoaster 4 April, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    It must be all the goddam fucking profanity on my blog.

  2. 2 nursemyra 4 April, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    I guess they don’t object to photos of syphlitic penises though…. strange that…..

  3. 3 Envelope Filter 6 April, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    Rain: maybe the 99% evil banner at the top of your site was a giveaway. And are you now trying to get my own blog blocked now too? Your evil scheme has failed, regardless.

    Nurse, your syphilitic penises were indeed a shock, particularly as I was reading at work.

  4. 4 raincoaster 8 April, 2007 at 9:56 pm

    Huh? I missed those, must scroll back…

  5. 5 Metro 10 April, 2007 at 4:20 am

    A syphillitic penis is always a shock, I imagine, particularly six weeks or so afterward.

    Well if the ‘net cannot go to the Filter, the Filter must go to … no, hang on …

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