This is one dude I hope goes the distance.

This guy is going to run the Boston Marathon. He has more courage than me by quite a distance. On ya mate!






Hat Tip to metro on this one.


2 Responses to “Bravo”

  1. 1 Metro 11 April, 2007 at 11:54 am

    Thanks, EF. I’m now offering a bet that he makes it. Money to go to one of the three charities he’s running for.

    If I may respectfully plug:

    “If he doesn’t actually drop dead (a possibility I feel is unlikely, but still …), I’ll put in $2 US for every mile he doesn’t cover, plus $1 for every one he does. Avid fans who don’t believe he can make it will put in $2 for every mile he makes it, to a maximum of $25 US, and nothing for any miles he doesn’t cover.”

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