oxfam.jpgI’ve been missing for a whole week!


Here’s what I’ve been up to: Oxfam Trailwalker.

In a nutshell, you have 36 hours to walk a hundred kilometers to raise money to fight Poverty and Human Rights Abuse.

It’s held around Taupo, and has quite a few hills. Teams of four negotiate the course through a series of checkpoints, where support crews feed, maintain and rejuvenate them.

I didn’t do the walk itself. Would’ve liked to, but found out about it too late to register, and likely wouldn’t have had the time to train for it properly anyway. No, my friend Bex was doing it and since I’m the charitable/gullible sort I was happy to be press-ganged into her team’s support crew.

Partly I was there for my organisational skills, ability to lift heavy things and withstand sleep deprivation, but mainly I was there as a Morale Officer. It was my responsibility to be as cheerful and amusing as possible regardless of circumstances. This came in handy as the weather left much to be desired and our walkers frequently arrived at the checkpoints cold, wet, sore and miserable.

Plus, I give a mean backrub.  If I do say so myself.

Regrettably, Bex wasn’t able to do the walk. She contracted Gastrointestinitis on the day before the walk, and Oxfam medical staff refused to allow her to register because they couldn’t confirm that it might not be appendicitis. She was pretty gutted.

She stayed on with the support crew though, so at least she was able to participate. So not a total loss.

Bex’s team finished in a total time of 29hrs 59min. Not bad by any shake of the stick. Winning time was 13hrs and something by one of the super fit enduro athlete type teams.

Two and a half marathons in 13 hours. That’s fast.

Hope to get some photos up somtime tomorrow…


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