Buy Your Friend a Drink

Via the inimitable raincoaster comes this little gem.!

Regrettably this service appears to only be available in New York or New Jersey, and then only if your friend has a cell phone on them.

But Still! I commend the idea. I regret that I don’t know anyone in those areas. The people that I would use the service for are based in either Asia or Europe.

After you purchase a drink on the service, the system sends a text message to your friend with a code. Friend shows the code to the bartender, who enters it into his/her till and dispenses said beverage.

For those of you who do have friends in NY, expect to see the following on your phone around four in the morning:

dood iz got no mony by me drinkz im at da blu rm
cmon man its ur rnd lol

Also, on viewing this website, why is everyone depicted there obviously so much hotter and cooler than me? Maybe my grin isn’t cheezy enough. Do they think only hot people drink?

I recommend you use the ‘lo tech’ version of this today!. Please make cheques payable to ‘Richard’s Fun Vessel Experiment’ c/o Her Majesty’s Royal New Zealand Pub. They know how to reach me.

PS, we don’t tip in NZ, but I’ll gladly accept that as a ‘finders fee’ for the booze. After all, buying it is the easy bit: finding, drinking and processing it is the tricky side of things!


2 Responses to “Buy Your Friend a Drink”

  1. 1 raincoaster 29 April, 2007 at 9:42 am

    Seriously, seriously, someone needs to take this thing international. Why not be the first?

  2. 2 Envelope Filter 29 April, 2007 at 2:42 pm

    Because I’m too busy trying to follow through on all my other fantastic money making ideas? I’m not going to be a millionaire any other way…

    That’s the problem with being an irrepressible ideas man – no time for yourself!

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