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Off the Map

Yeah, I know, I’ve been missing for a bit.

Not intentional, really, just haven’t felt in the frame of mind to blog about anything without dragging others down with me. I try not to write about depressing stuff…

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I think I’m slowly turning the corner.



I love scotch.
Scotch Scotch Scotch.
Down, down it goes.
Down into my belly
– Ron Burgundy

Genius! If you drink and blog, you’re a bloody idiot.

In the meantime, I found this:

You should check it out!  The lonelygirl15 (kiwi chick, by the way!) crack was possibly a bit much.

This’ll be me in a few years…

Ok, I’m an Engineer, so I had to link this.


bling.jpgFor those of you that just love games. Especially lascivious ones.

Inimitable Raincoaster is running a competition over at her site right now. Go there. Be part of pop culture history. If you beat my entry I will kill you. Digitally. Somehow. I need this.

Anyway: raincoaster is trying to put a name to the concept of Bling for the Vagina. If this does not compute, she has links explaining all, which I will not hijack. I’m a Gent, you see. She points out that it’s only a matter of time until the Spears’ and Lohans of the world have to top their own beaver flashing exploits, and this technique seems likely to fill that void at some point in the future. Probably near future. We owe it to the world to have a name for it ready and waiting. Hopefully I win, because then I can tell all the ladies that I invented it.

In the meantime, I’m just going to sit back and wait for the photos to surface.

Go forth and name

Music for the Hearing Impaired

Fun fact about me: I’m half deaf in my right ear (sustained in the service of my country) and lots of loud music (cos I’m a muso, you know) isn’t helping.

So, for people like me comes Karaoke For The Deaf


Thank God for the Immigration Service

This is rich.

Not sure where this came from, if anywhere, but apparently:

Peter Hellier has had a security certificate issued against and is to be deported as soon as authorities locate the well know side kick pf [sic] Rove McManus according to a PM’s office spokes person. No reason was given for this unusual measure but it denied that it was in anyway related to Hellier’s comments that he found it really funny that the New Zealand PM had a girls name.

This via Hitting Metal With a Hammer

For all you foreigners this is our PM. I voted against, but on my opinion that the Rt Hon PM is a power hungry nutcase without principal or sense ahem I mean policy. I voted on policy. Labour’s just didn’t make sense to me.

Anyway, full credit to Peter. Good job the authorities for protecting the public at large from the dangers of such a shady character as this!

Sibling Tornado

My brother just blew through.

He’s a snowboard instructor. He spends half the year in the US and half in Wanaka (near Queenstown). Being the only member of my family with a fixed abode in New Zealand right now, I was only too pleased to be able to offer accommodation to him and his girlfriend. They arrived friday morning, 24hrs late after their plane shredded an engine taking off from LA, and left yesterday. It was an Australian plane, so not surprising really. First underarm bowling, now this. Figures.

I was only able to give them a mattress on the floor of my spare room (office, kinda, where I am now sitting). This was fine with them, but got in the way of my internet activities, as this is where my internet connection lives. No matter.

It’s quite the shock to see him really – I see him probably twice a year, maybe three times, for no more than a week each time. He’s been finally growing up…but is still an unwashed little slacker in the nicest possible way. They took over my whole house between themselves and all their luggage, filling my entire lounge with bags. Quite a feat.

I might get down to the South Island for some skiing later in the year when there’s some snow, but otherwise won’t see him again for another six months.

I hope they get a good dump of snow this year…