Why I’ll Never Be A Blog Media Kingpin

I’m just far too lazy really.

There is a place in this world for those with a genuine talent for writing amusing things daily, nay multiple times daily. The global inter-tron community has sifted these to the fore with relative ease. Those that have sifted have proven to be adept at blog-pimpin, and that may have helped.

The motivation required to consistently apply all the possible tricks and techniques surely must be something.

Take one of my favourite blogs: Raincoaster

Recently the recipient of her very own .com domain from the good people at WordPress, Raincoaster seems to be a good example of a blog that takes information easily available from a range of other sources/blogs such as Fark, applies a personal take on it, and posts it. Simple formula, well applied. Also generates attention and possible counter-links by referencing the source material. The squid fetish is a little unique, but charming for some reason.

Raincoaster regularly posts the results of the weirdest search entries that result in a hit on her page. As an experiment, I think I’m going to try and hit her page with the weirdest search terms I can think of to see if I can get a mention. I can’t see this ending all that well, but hey – I’m bored at work today.


2 Responses to “Why I’ll Never Be A Blog Media Kingpin”

  1. 1 raincoaster 4 December, 2006 at 11:46 pm

    So, does this make me a blog queenpin? I wouldn’t be the famewhore you know and love if I didn’t request that you make your reference to me a live LINK! I mean, HELLO!?!

    I get regular referrals through searches for the letter “t” although I’ve never been able to figure that one out. Unfortunately, WordPress only displays the top 17 searches for any given day, so you’ll have to hit the blog about 20 times through the same search item for me to see you. But still, I encourage anyone and everyone to hit my blog 20+ times per day.

  2. 2 Richard Mahoney 5 December, 2006 at 1:39 pm

    Ok, ok, I wasn’t expecting any kind of reply. You were already in my blogroll after all. I edited in a link.

    Check this:

    Queenpin isn’t defined there yet, so maybe you can bag it. Queenpimpin does have a certain ring to it though.

    That ‘t’ thing is a bit strange. Technocrati is near the top of that search – related? No idea, but maybe.

    Take care in your frozen wonderland.

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